My years of experience and confidence allow me to keep your celebration on track. I thrive in organized chaos and leading your loved ones so you can remain the center of attention and not miss a single moment.

After playing a role in more than 70 weddings, I have come to appreciate how unique each one is from another. From a photographer to an event coordinator to a guest, I understand every aspect of weddings. Yet, my favorite part has always been documenting my couples’ day exactly as they see it.

Hello, I’m Olivia. I’m more than just your photographer—I live and breathe weddings. 


I cannot remember a time growing up when my mother didn’t have a camera in hand. She documented every moment, big or small, and filled our home with photographs. Our walls told our story through prints, each moment frozen in time to remember for generations to come.

Those tangible memories are precisely the ones I want to preserve for you. I aim to use storytelling through the images I deliver so your experiences are never forgotten. While you’re busy growing old together, you will always have photographs to share with your children and grandchildren so they can relive your story decades later.

How it all began:

When I’m not photographing my sweet couples, I am snapping photos of food. I consider myself a foodie, spending all my free time cooking or thinking about where to eat next. My favorite pastimes are grocery shopping, exploring new restaurants, or trying new recipes in my kitchen. I just love food! Put it this way—if I weren’t a photographer, I would 100% be a food blogger. 


At the top of my bucket list is traveling to all seven continents. I caught the travel bug as a child, thanks to many family adventures growing up. We love exploring new places and traveling the world together. Plus, learning about other cultures and viewing architecture around the world always leaves me so inspired. I book my next one-way ticket to somewhere new any chance I get. 


Saying I’m slightly obsessed with my niece and nephews would be an understatement. I grew up in a house full of girls, so it’s been an interesting dynamic having my sisters welcome mostly (and a ton) of boys. It's been SO fun! I would describe myself as the “Cool Aunt” and the “Favorite Aunt” in our family. And I’m almost sure the kids would agree! 


These are a few of my favorite things.

- The Mays

“Olivia handled everything like a pro and made our day run so smoothly. The quality of her work is amazing and she is super easy to work with!”

- The Pangilinans

“Her positive attitude throughout our time together had us enjoying ourselves in a way that resulted in BEAUTIFUL pictures!”

- The Seitzs

“Olivia is incredibly friendly, personable, and talented. She’s very organized and aways response in a timely manner.”

- The Ahrns

“Her quirky, fun-loving, and bubbly personality immediately set us at ease during our photography sessions.”

- The Garietys

“Olivia made our engagement session so fun and easy-going. I cannot wait for her to capture our special day.”

Love Letters

Stories rooted in your love. Images frozen in time.

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I love capturing love stories all over Ohio and beyond, from Columbus to anywhere in the world.  

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